La Colombara extra virgin olive oil is obtained from processing perfectly ripe olives by using the most innovative extraction or pressing systems. It has a distinctive, harmonious, perfectly balanced and full taste, with pleasant fresh notes. La Colombara extra virgin olive oil is ideal for everyday cooking. Use cold as a condiment, or for preparing cooked dishes. La Colombara enhances all dishes with the taste and fragrance of selected oils. It is especially recommended for people who like to enhance the flavour of food with the fruity, distinct notes of oil. The product is ergonomic, thanks to the bottle with handle that makes the oil really easy to pour..

  • Colour: golden yellow with glints of green
  • Smell: faint, of ripe olives
  • Taste: medium to intense fruity, harmonious

Sizes: l 0.50 – l 0.75 – l 1


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